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About Us

The Magazine

Entertaining and beautifully laid out, Empeccable Magazine was created to raise the confidence and self-esteem of our young women by giving them a positive and vibrant alternative to the negative stereotyping of African American females that is so prevalent in today’s popular media.  In addition to up- to- date fashion and beauty, the magazine features timely articles  on health, wealth, relationships, and “Our” history. By providing positive images and empowering articles, Empeccable Magazine gives young women tools they can use to make good decisions that will contribute to their future success.

Seeing a reflection of yourself in a successful and positive light is known to be a very powerful motivator to be your best self!  


The magazine also serves as a platform for many overlooked artisans (male and female), to showcase    their creative talents.  Many of these artisans use this opportunity to become published for the first time! 


In addition, we have an internship program that involves students from several colleges and universities in the metro Atlanta area and abroad. We provide them with the opportunity to get real world experience in journalism, marketing, photography, videography and administration, adding to their professional resumes.

The Publisher

Dr. Alicia Cain is a native New Yorker. She is a graduate of Tennessee State University and Meharry Medical College. She has served on the faculty of several prestigious institutions including Morehouse School of Medicine, Howard University School of Medicine and Columbia University School of Medicine.


In addition to publishing EMpeccable Magazine, she has a thriving medical practice in metro Atlanta. She firmly believes that you are greatly influenced by what you see on a regular basis and you are just as much influenced by what you don’t see. She also believes that if you’re constantly exposed to negative images you may begin to portray these roles.




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