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Bring your dead wigs back to life!

EMpeccable Magazine presents to you the Wig Phoenix! EMpeccable has found the solution to restore damaged & matted synthetic and human hair wigs with their new product, the remarkable Wig Phoenix machine that has the power to bring dead wigs back to life. Through a convenient 60 minute process, the affordable & portable Wig Phoenix machine transforms wigs from blah to WOW with new shine, new bounce, and new flow. 

Stop throwing away your wigs and slay them back to life! The Wig Phoenix is available online! And we won't leave you hanging, get exclusive training video link that will teach you how to keep your coin and bring more revenue to your pockets.  Now we can all SLAY!

Note: The total price for a remarkable Wig Phoenix Machine is $199.99 plus tax. The Wig Phoenix Machine is available by online order;  Ladies, it's time to slay your wigs, get your machine TODAY!

There is an additional $5.00 fee for shipping and handling (in the United States)



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